Looking for your first Board Opportunity?

What is BoardNext?

BoardNext is an initiative of the Women Corporate Directors (WCD) Foundation designed for experienced, highly qualified, board-ready women which offers educational programming, exceptional resources and peer group support to navigate the path to their first public corporate board. WCD is the largest global organization serving the needs of female directors. BoardNext members will gain access to select WCD resources, networking opportunities, and search firm executives.

BoardNext Membership Criteria

If you are a female senior corporate executive with board aspirations and are not currently on a publicly traded company board, or a privately-held company board that has at least $200 million in revenue, we encourage you to apply for BoardNext,  a new program with chapters in Los Angeles and New York that provides educational training, introductions to board members and search firms, as well as a peer group network.

How can BoardNext help you?

  • A unique and talented peer group for networking onto a corporate board.
  • Strong governance programming covering the latest in boardroom trends, SEC and other regulatory guidelines, and public company issues.
  • Curated programs of interest with current WCD members as well as executive search firms.
  • Resource center for corporate governance topics.
  • Profile in national potential director database accessed by companies and search firms for board candidates.
  • For information about our upcoming events, click here.


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