London Chapter Event

London Chapter Event

We will be welcomingAmrit Sandhar, founder of&Evolve(formerly known as The Engagement Coach.

&Evolve is a group of people focused on helping organisations develop their cultures by developing leaders, managers & colleagues create a better place to work.

Their mission is to ignite the passion back into work and make work a great place to be.

Through data analytics and their passion for research in neuroscience and psychology they help bring scientific insights to help leaders understand employee experiences and find solutions.

Amrit spent many years as a qualified Pharmacist providing tailored solutions has been ingrained in Amrit’s way of thinking. When leading employee engagement for Asda and working as a Senior Consultant and Head of Growth at Best Companies, he realised that people were saving the best of themselves for life outside of work. Imagine if people could bring that passion to work…

Please email [email protected] to register

11/22/2023 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
KPMG 15 Canada Square Lonond E14 5GL UNITED KINGDOM

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