Holly Dockery

United States
Deputy Vice President International Homeland and Nuclear Security Programs, Sandia National Laboratories
Panel 4: Is Seeing Believing? How AI-enabled Deepfakes are Challenging Ethics in Technology

Dr. Holly Dockery is the Senior Manager for Global Engineered Security Systems at Sandia National Laboratories. She leads domestic and international programs that develop and apply science, technology and analysis for securing, detecting, and interdicting nuclear and radiological materials; managing border and maritime security, and addressing critical emerging mission needs in the Arctic. Immediately prior to this, she served as the Deputy Vice President for the International, Homeland, and Nuclear Security Strategic Management Unit at SNL leading business operations, management assurance, strategic planning, and special initiatives.

Holly’s experience includes executive-level policy development; national-level strategy development, planning, and implementation; Congressional and Executive branch interactions; and leadership of research, development, testing, and evaluation of physical-cyber-human based security technologies and systems. She was a key participant in the creation of the Science and Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS); leading development of its program in technical standards, implementing the Department’s responsibilities under the SAFETY Act, establishing an Office to interact with the first responder community on technology issues, and creating an organization leading formulation and execution of international policy. During her tenure as Senior Director in the DHS Office of Policy, she provided leadership and interagency representation for DHS in development of strategic systems-level policy requirements for measures countering the terrorist use of and effects of nuclear, radiological, and chemical threats. Her portfolio also included a broad range of DHS-related science and technology issues.

Early in her career, Holly performed research and managed a diverse set of programs at each of the three U.S. nuclear weapons national laboratories. Her past experience includes underground nuclear test containment, strategic missile systems analysis and design support, high-level radioactive waste management with an emphasis on total-system performance assessment, physical-cyber protection of high value facilities, and international weapons of mass destruction (WMD) nonproliferation programs.